Happiness Guideline #3 for Clients

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“A happy client makes for a happy designer — and vice versa.”  ~ Linda Darlene

As a freelance designer, I bend over backwards to provide my clients with their desired outcome. Plain and simple, I want happy clients. 🙂 But achieving success for you does not just happen; It takes a few vital working-relationship ingredients.

I decided to put together what I consider to be crucial relationship guidelines for a client when working with a designer. Taken seriously, good working relationships are built. Let’s get started!

Happiness Guideline #3. Pay Your Designer Immediately

Paying your designer may seem obvious, but it is with this crucial point that marvelous working relationships with clients can sometimes end up going south. The job of your designer is to work for you, designing a website that flows, is attractive and meets the primary goals of being created in the first place.

If your designer has done his/her job, it may seem obvious, but it is your responsibility to pay your designer — and in a timely fashion.

Payment should not be an afterthought. Paying for the services received is the law of reciprocity, sometimes called the law of karma,  also known as the law of the circle. These laws essentially mean that when someone does something good to you, you do something good in return.

In this case, it’s simple. If your designer designs your site….pay the designer! Not when it’s convenient, not when you think of it; pay the designer when the bill is due. Better yet, show your gratitude for such a functional and well-designed website — by paying the bill as soon as you receive the invoice. The circle has then been completed! 

Working relationships between designer and client do not always end when the website design is complete.  You may decide to retain the designer for tweaks here and there, for monthly maintenance — or even to design another site for you.  It’s worth it to keep the relationship intact. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

I can guarantee you that if you follow these tips — and  I’m your designer — you’ll be one happy client — and you’ll have one happy designer! 🙂 Give me a call. I’m Linda Darlene.

Stay tuned for the next Happiness Guideline.

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