Aesthetic Styling

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” —  Alice Walker

If you’re searching for a web designer,  surely you will desire one that can create for you not only a functional, easily navigable website but also one that is stylish, aesthetically attractive, and visually pleasing. Let me tell you how I can affect this for you.

My specialty is in adding color, style, and aesthetics to websites, landing pages, and blogs. I want your site to attract attention — to have viewers stop and look. I have 10 years of experience in designing attention-getting sites for the internet.

If you are lacking an online presence for your small service business or a non-profit, my website design skills just may build for you an ‘online brochure’ that attracts clients for your business.

I may not follow the latest trends in web designs — or I may; it just depends. Following the herd is not my goal, nor is designing a website that looks like everyone else’s. I seek to design around your content, providing a site that meets your business goals and sets you apart. Simply put, my area of expertise is in creating a colorful, aesthetic website that stands out from the crowd.

I call myself The Aesthetic 美 Web Designer for all the above reasons. My motto is “practical and pretty.”

I truly believe that it’s the aesthetics that are going to make your website pop. And frankly, that’s what I enjoy doing for my clients.

Combined with my website marketing know-how, maybe I’m the web designer you’ve been looking for. 🙂

Let’s chat during a FREE 30-minute exploratory conversation. We can see if my talents and skills can help you and your business.

THE AESTHETIC 美 WEB DESIGNER is a subsidiary of Aesthetics Designer Consulting.

Chinese for Aesthetic