Meet Me

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” ~ Paul Rand


I’m a freelance web designer since 2009, currently residing with my husband in our empty nest in the Happy Valley area of Phoenix. I also call Chicago, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Giosa Marea (Italy), Denver, Malibu, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Bozeman, MT. ‘my home.’ 🙂

I am passionate about decorating, ballroom and Latin dancing, dancer and choreographer Derek Hough, reading historical fiction or biographies (especially about our founding fathers),  listening to classical music, sharing with friends at local ethnic restaurants, and practicing my Italian. 

For personal gratification, I began working on websites in 2009. And after a lot of ‘baptism by fire’, I decided I better get some formal training.  I enrolled in classes through the Lake Washington Institute of Technology in the Seattle area,  took many online courses, and learned from some of my friends in the design field.

I call myself The Aesthetic  Web Designer because I love finding ways to design websites that are not just functional, but most importantly aesthetically pleasing.  My motto is “practical and pretty.”

With a little over 10 years of experience, I specialize in designing websites, landing pages or blogs with style and aesthetics. It is my passion to attract more business for my clients by designing attractive ‘online calling-cards’ for small service businesses and non-profits.

On my HOME PAGE, I tell you more about my philosophy on WHY AESTHETICS? are important.  I also talk about the seven most important DESIGN ELEMENTS that I think are important in website design. And at WHY CHOOSE ME, I speak a bit more about why my style of designing is for standing out from the crowd.


My web experience has been gained in a variety of settings, with a wide diversity of clients. It includes:

  • fan site for an Emmy award-winning celebrity
  • movie promotion site for an independent film, working with a very well-known director and screenwriter
  • new age, personal growth, and spiritual seeker sites
  • delivery and courier services
  • retirement travel site
  • astrology and numerology contributions
  • dance and choreography contributions
  • community center sites that promote local programs
  • public school sites for teachers
  • sites that collect donations or enroll seminar attendees
  • real estate and beauty services

I AM THE AESTHETIC WEB DESIGNER! If you think I might be a good fit for your website needs, I’d love to talk to you. You can contact me here.

FORMAL STUDIES (2003-2019)

Social Media Marketing
Using Social Media in Business
Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Marketing Your Non-Profit
Marketing Strategies for Facebook (Tyson Zahner )

Creating Web Pages
Designing Effective Websites
Intermediate WordPress Websites
Creating and Maintaining a Classroom Website

Introduction to CSS and HTML5
Intermediate CSS and HTML5
Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

The Keys to Effective Editing
Business Grammar & Proofreading
Writing Effective Web Content
Grammar and Usage for the Business Professional

How to Use Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to Photoshop
iMovie 11 Basic Skills

Encourage Learning Through YouTube
Tips and Tricks for the iMac and Macintosh
Just Google It!
Introduction to Interior Design

I am also a Certified Feng Shui Master Consultant and Aesthetic Spaces™ Specialist.
Check me out at FENG SHUI 美 AESTHETICS, here.

Chinese for Aesthetic

THE AESTHETIC 美 WEB DESIGNER is a subsidiary of Aesthetics Designer Consulting.