Client Testimonials…”I Love Your Work!”

Inspirational Words of Praise on the Work by Linda Darlene

“Compliments land as soft and gentle on my ears
as a butterfly
.” ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” ~ Mark Twain

If that’s the case, I think I have many years built up that I can live on. ☺

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Flower - Lotus “I just looked at some of what you’ve been doing lately and am without words to describe my sense of deep joy. It was such a joy to see the website up and running, with all you’ve put on it!” ~ SC, Lacey, WA

Flower - Lotus“…Very excited by the site. Unique, fresh, enriching.  Visually pleasing.  I love it….Has a clean feel.  It’s enjoyable to look around a page, and easy to see what is on the page.  Seems easy to navigate.  New [client] can easily get a good sense of what the [our business is] about….I like the colors.  We so much appreciate that you [took] the time and [made] the effort to accommodate our needs.” – BH, Minneapolis, MN

Flower - Lotus“Wow! Linda Darlene I am in the process of reading every page. The website is spectacular. I am sure…and…are rejoicing with us….The website is absolutely beautiful!  Kudos to you and praise God for your efforts of attunement!” ~ RR, Phoenix, AZ

Flower - Lotus “I just wanted to let you know that 2 young adults showed up at the ( … ) tonight. One said that he googled the information and found it on the ( …) website. He said it is a really nice website.” ~ GB, Bozeman, MT

Flower - Lotus “Welcome to ( … ) mandala and thank you for designing our website!” ~ JD, South Texas

Flower - Lotus“I would like to thank you for creating and developing a beautiful impressive website for [us]. I understand that you had challenges when you were working on the website; thank you for persevering, the final outcome is magnificent. We, I speak on behalf of the board of trustees, are very pleased and are grateful that [we] now has a glorious website.”JK Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Flower - Lotus “I got two new clients from the website recently. We’re really pleased with the new changes! Thanks so much for all you do.” JS, Bozeman, MT

Flower - Lotus“The new website is amazing!!  A huge THANK you to everyone who made this possible!” DV, Chicago

Flower - Lotus “I am sending you my testimonial for the ( … ) website, which, by the way is looking so beautiful these days! Really nice work you’ve done.” ~ RS, Phoenix, AZ

Flower - Lotus“Linda [Darlene] is AMAZING!!! By God’s grace, she really manifested this beautiful site!!!” – AL, Westchester, IL

Flower - LotusOnce again, I echo everyone else’s sentiments it is truly an amazingly beautiful website!  And thank you Linda  Darlene for your talents to bring someone else’s ideas from the alchemy into reality!  – DB, Gardiner, MT

Flower - Lotus “If anyone doesn’t know Linda Darlene, she brings a wealth of experience and skills, and is designing a wonderful site, which is currently a ‘work in progress’.” ~ PP, Washington, D.C

Flower - Lotus “The slideshow looks great. I really like the pictures you selected. Looking Good!” ~ DK, Bozeman, MT

Flower - Lotus “Thanks so much for sending this to us. It is a BEAUTIFUL web site!” ~ JH, Corwin Springs, MT


Flower - Lotus “The pictures are beautiful, and I love the way everything fits so well together. I send a profound and deep Thank you! and am so very grateful!” ~ MC, Olympia, WA

Flower - Lotus “Impressive!” ~ JC, Pray, MT

Flower - Lotus“And THANK YOU [Linda Darlene]. I’ve been watching what you…have been doing and I’ve been really grateful and impressed.  Your work has been really creative and really exciting.  Fans like you are an important part of the team, especially for a movie like ours.” – EH,  Los Angeles

Flower - Lotus “Amazing job with the [website]! Love the photo collaboration too!” ~ DJ, Chicago, IL

Flower - Lotus “Wow! This is amazing.” CB, Maine

Flower - Lotus “I love [the website]. WELL DONE.” LV, Gillette, WY

Flower - Lotus“Linda Darlene, this is seriously good stuff!!!” JA, Los Angeles, CA

Flower - Lotus“This is extremely well done, and I love the pictures.” – JH, Corwin Springs, MT

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