Happiness Guideline #1 for Clients

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“A happy client makes for a happy designer — and vice versa.”  ~ Linda Darlene

As a freelance designer, I bend over backwards to provide my clients with their desired outcome. Plain and simple, I want happy clients. 🙂 But achieving success for you does not just happen; It takes a few vital working-relationship ingredients.

I decided to put together what I consider to be crucial relationship guidelines for a client when working with a designer. Taken seriously, good working relationships are built. Let’s get started!

Happiness Guideline #1. Do What You Say You Will Do

A designer cannot operate in a vacuum. We require things from you, such as your vision for your site, content, photos, your list of ‘do nots,’ etc. Once, you and your designer agree on what your website feel and flow will be, keep those promises. Providing what you promised — in the agreed upon time frame – helps the process.

Will you be delayed in providing something for your designer? Then immediate, timely contact is critical. Designers work by the calendar, with other clients possibly waiting in the wings. Delays of this sort don’t help maintain a tension-free working relationship.

There is such a thing as ‘design-mode.’ Well, that’s what I call it. It’s when my mind, heart and spirit are totally into designing my client’s envisioned site. I lock myself in my office and design. I design from aspect to aspect, hoping to create a cohesive look and feel, an aesthetic and user-friendly site.  Design-mode keeps me in the ebb and flow of that particular client’s site. Breaking that mode to work on the vision for another site, can cause more of a patch-work feel for the first client’s site. Ugh!
I can guarantee you that if you follow these tips — and  I’m your designer — you’ll be one happy client — and you’ll have one happy designer! 🙂 Give me a call. I’m Linda Darlene.

Stay tuned for the next Happiness Guideline.

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