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 “A thing of beauty is a joy to behold.” ~ Mary Poppins

Imagine! – a website that is so tastefully designed and well ordered that it leaves you feeling mentally nourished.

Too often, the reverse is the case. We’ve all been there, right? We land on a website that had so many functional bells and whistles that we don’t know where to start to find what we are looking for? Not good! A satisfying solution to this problem — Aesthetic Web Design.

plato-socratesIn Greek, the word aesthetic (aisthētikos) means sense perception, or how we “perceive” beauty. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed beauty to be subjective, meaning that beauty exists solely in the eye of the beholder.

Plato, however, argued the opposite, saying that beauty is objective and based on clearly defined Laws of the universe, such as order, and organization, and such concepts as the Golden Ratio, which speaks to definite proportions in relation to parts. Were Pythagorus and Plato both right?

The natural flow, circulation and movement from entry to entry on a site makes a huge difference between a site that is perceived to be balanced, harmonious and tasteful — and one that is not. A site is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing precisely because it is in perfect order, simple to navigate, and easy on the eyes. Voila! Pythagorus and Plato combined.


Functionality and aestheticism need not be mutually exclusive. In aesthetic web design, the winning combination is to provide a website that is both well-organized and highly functional, as well as tasteful, harmonious, balanced — in short, beautiful! That’s where I come in! I AM THE AESTHETIC 美 WEB DESIGNER.

Contact me! We can chat about whether or not I can help you with your aesthetic and functional website needs.

Chinese for Aesthetic


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