In-Person Consultation

See the variety of options below for in-person consultations.

Once you have booked a consultation, I will send you pre-consultation materials to help prepare for our meeting — and to help me prepare for our consultation together.

Consultations are generally a two-hour minimum, depending on the type of consultation you desire, Aesthetic Feng Shui consultation or an Aesthetic Spaces™ consultation.

a) An Aesthetic Feng Shui Consultation is the utilization of ancient, practical, and modern Chinese techniques to create an environment that is psychologically nurturing, energetically calming, and that generates a feeling or mood of well being.  This process naturally unfolds the beauty of your space.

b) An Aesthetic Spaces™ Consultation re-designs your home or office using the furnishings and accessories that you already own and treasure. I use an eclectic blend of  Feng Shui principles as well as decorating principles to fashion a beautiful, calming, healing, and harmonious environment for you.

If you are not sure what type of consultation you’d prefer, book me for a free 30-Minute exploratory consultation. 


  • In-Person Consultations – Cities surrounding the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona
    $72.00 an hour (usually a consultation takes a minimum of two hours)
  • In-State, In-Person Consultations – Phoenix, Arizona
    $72.00 an hour + mileage, 60¢ per mile
  • Long Distance, In-Person Consultations – Within the United States
    $45.00 an hour + transportation + lodging
  • Increments over an hour
    $18 for 15-minute increments
  • Follow Up QuestionLimited to 30 minutes
  • Quick Telephone Questions (after 1st free Follow Up Question) – Within the United States
    $36 a question – Limited to 30 minutes
  • Subsequent Consultations
    In most cases, a 30% discount from the normal fees
  • Gift Certificates Available!

BOOK NOW – I will get back to you with a specific date or dates. Appointments are one-two weeks out.

*Out-of-State requests are subject to conditions. Ask me about these.