A Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations take place through the use of various forms of technology when people cannot communicate with each other face to face.

Using the best of today’s technology, I am able to consult through video chats and conferencing. This is accomplished through the Zoom Video Conferencing app.

If you are not familiar with this, no worries. I set it up, and you access it through a computer or large tablet by clicking on a link that I send you. You will be asked to download the app. By clicking on a link that I provide, it is instantly downloaded. See the link below for more information about Zoom.

Consultation Preparation

In preparation for a virtual consultation, there are several things you would need to do first.

    1. Video your main rooms, including bathrooms, and send the video to me digitally. To accomplish this, you can use your smartphone to record or the WhatsApp application. Of course, if you have a webcam, that works as well. Another option is to send me high-quality photos of all sides of the rooms in your space. I need to be able to see how one room flows to the next. In the case of an Aesthetic Spaces™ consultation, I need clear photos of your accessories, pictures, and other decorative items.
    2.  I need a floor plan of your space. No worries! It doesn’t have to be exact, but having this information allows me to see the overall design of your space. I provide a sample floor plan and graph paper. Click these links.
      Sample Floor Plan and Sample Graph Paper.
      You can either mail these to me by snail mail, or you can scan them and send them by email.
    3. When a date has been set for a conference call, you will receive a link to join it. Click on the ‘How To” links below for video instructions.

How to Join a Zoom Video Conference

You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting or interview. You will be prompted to download the software, once you have clicked on the link that you have been provided. You may also wish to create an account, but that is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting.

If you’d like to check out Zoom before I send you a link, Go here.
To download the app early, Go here.


  • Video Conferencing Consultations – In Montana or Out-of-State
    $63.00 an hour (Usually a consultation is an hour)
  • Increments Over An Hour
    $18 for 15-minute increments
  • Follow Up Phone Call – Limited to 30 minutes
  • Quick (After Follow-Up) Telephone Questions – Within the United States
    $36 a question – Limited to 30 minutes
  • Subsequent Consultations
    In most cases, a 30% discount from the normal fees
  • Gift Certificates Available!

Please decide which consultation you desire.

a) An Aesthetic Feng Shui Consultation is the utilization of ancient, practical, and modern Chinese techniques to create an environment that is psychologically nurturing, energetically calming, and that generates a feeling or mood of well being.  This process naturally unfolds the beauty of your space.

b) An Aesthetic Spaces™ Consultation re-designs your home or office using the furnishings and accessories that you already own and treasure. I use an eclectic blend of  Feng Shui principles as well as decorating principles to fashion a beautiful, calming, healing, and harmonious environment for you.

If you are not sure what type of consultation you’d prefer, book me for a free 30-Minute exploratory consultation.  Click Here.

BOOK NOW – Appointment slots are in two-hour blocks, though your appointment may not take that long. Usually, virtual appointments are one-hour with free follow-up conferencing at a later date.