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“To design is to transform prose into poetry.” ~ Paul Rand

I’m Linda Darlene, a freelance designer with a passion for creating websites that highlight the aesthetic.  If you’re looking for a colorful, outside the box website, well, you’re in the right place.

And if you prefer a more traditional site, I’m glad you found me because I certainly can do that for you too — just as long as the site is both ‘practical and pretty.’

Contact me! Let’s see what prose I can transform into poetry for you. 🙂


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RichHeart Massage Therapy Website Job Well Done Cleaning Website Mercury Errands Website
Rich Heart Massage Therapy Job Well Done Cleaning Mercury Errands
The Golden Pathway Website A Marshmellow Retirement Website
Make Your Move Fans The Golden Pathway A Marshmellow Retirement
Aesthetics Designer Consulting Website Toronto Teaching Center Website
Berkshire Hathaway – CB  Aesthetics Designer Consulting Toronto Teaching Center


– Service Industry
– Personal Transformation
– Dance
– Spiritual Centers / New Age
– Entertainment Industry
– Feng Shui / Decorating / Real Estate
– Travel / Retirement
– Teaching Centers / Community Centers
– Astrology / Numerology
– Public School Teacher’s Page


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