Three Aesthetic Elements

“When form arises out of function, you get design. When function arises out of form, you get art.” ~ Steven Bradley

As The Aesthetic 美 Web Designer, how your website is perceived is of great importance to me. After all, your website is your organization’s image, the face of your business.

How do the aesthetics of a site help your business perception?

  • Targeting your audience and presenting yourself in a professional and positive light, cannot be ignored. That’s the role of “function.” Functionality needs to be carefully considered, but a site’s aesthetic factor is critical. Just as curb appeal helps sell a house,  “eye appeal” invites potential customers/clients to browse your website. An attractive site gives your business credibility.


  • Studies show that you have only five seconds to “wow” your potential user. Only five seconds! To me, that means you need a site that immediately says, “Hi, come stay a while.” It should have that something special that simply delights your users visually, an artistic touch that attracts attention.  You want visitors to explore your site to find out more about your business. Elements of delight invite attention to your site — and therefore, your business.

Lotus Blossoms

  • Have you ever landed on a website that is so busy, with so many bells and whistles that you don’t know where to start to read? I believe websites should be minimalist for users, with the eyes flowing easily from element to element, taking in the most important details of who you are or what you have to offer, and how to find out more information. Simplicity is elegant. Simplistic aesthetics can make your website pop.

I’m The Aesthetic 美 Web Designer – it’s my passion to design aesthetically pleasing websites. Contact me about your needs; I’m happy to help.

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